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WordPress Training Videos

If you're new to or have limited knowledge of WordPress, then these videos will help you. You can have ongoing access, directly through your own CMS dashboard, to WordPress training Videos 24/7.

This valuable resource already contains over 55 high quality, professionally produced video tutorials (which are iPad as well as PC and Mac compatible).

The videos have been a professionally produced to communicate in a simple language that you will understand.

You can use the the videos to find an explanation of every button on your visual editor toolbar, and to learn all you need to know about the media library, image editing, basic text formatting, and adding posts, categories, tags, comments and more.

Don't worry about WordPress updates! Each time the build software updates, we update.

Your subscription means that each time WordPress updates, we produce new videos to explain the latest functionality. The plugin determines which version of WordPress is running and displays the correct version of the manual.


Sample Of A WordPress Training Video

Complete List Of Videos Available


  • The Dashboard – This is a general overview of how your dashboard works.
  • The Admin Bar – How the admin bar works.


Getting To Know The Editor

  • The Toolbar – An overview of the different formatting icons inside the toolbar of a page or post.
  • Paste From Word – How to paste content into your page or post from a word document to without have formatting issues.
  • Add A Heading – How to add a heading to your page or post.
  • Add A Paragraph – How to add a paragraph in your page or post using the kitchensink toolbar.
  • Edit Text – How to edit or format the text contents of your page or post.
  • Hyperlinks – How to add an internal or external link to your website (3.1 style!).
  • Lists – How to make a list on your page or post, and the difference between ordered lists and un-ordered lists.
  • Embed Video – How to embed an video directly to your page or post.
  • Distraction-Free Writing – The new distraction free writing feature.
  • Revisions – The new revisions feature.


Using Images

  • Add Image From Media Library – How to add an image to your page or post.
  • Add Image From Computer – How to add an image from your computer to a page or post.
  • Add Image From URL – How to add an image to your page for post from another website.
  • Delete Image- How to delete an image from your page or post.
  • Edit Image – How to edit an image whilst your inside your page or post. This includes alignment, title and more.
  • Replace Image – How to replace an existing image inside your page or post.
  • Image Editor – How to use the image editor and how to start editing an image.
  • Rotate and Flip Images – Overview of the editing icons and other functionality that will be useful in editing an image.
  • Crop and Scale Images – How to crop an image using the image editor
  • Featured Image – How to use the featured image.



  • Add New Page – How to add a new page to your WordPress site.
  • Trash A Page – How to remove a post or page. Temporarily remove the post and store them all to the trash bin.
  • Restore A Page – How to restore a post or page after you have placed it in the trash.


Media Library

  • Media Library – The purpose of a Media Library, how it works and the important features.
  • Add Media – How to add or upload a media file from your computer to WordPress media section.



  • Add New Post – This will teach you steps on how to add a new post to your WordPress site.
  • Categories – Overview of the purpose of categories.
  • Tags – The purpose of tags explained and how to make tags for each page or post.
  • Trash A Post – How to remove a post or page. Temporarily remove the post and store them all to the trash bin.
  • Restore A Post – How to restore a post or page after you have placed it in the trash.
  • QuickPress – How to use QuickPress.



  • Comments – Overview of the purpose of comments.



  • Link Categories – How to group your links.
  • Add Links – How to manage links from your website to other website.
  • Edit Links – How to add and edit links on you page or post.



  • Change Your Password – How to change your password.



  • Widgets.



  • Add a page to a menu
  • Move pages on a menu
  • Add a custom link to a menu


WordPress SEO by Yoast

  • General
  • Page Analysis
  • Social
  • Profile


WooCommerce Products

  • Product Overview
  • Add a product
  • Simple Product
  • Grouped Product
  • External Product
  • Variable Product
  • Downloadable Product


WooCommerce General

  • Product Categories
  • Product Tags
  • Shipping Classes
  • Product Attributes
  • Orders
  • Reports
  • Coupons

WordPress Video Tutorial Subscription