Website Holding Page

Website Holding Page

Not ready for a website yet! Then a holding page may be the answer.

A holding page is an important first step to take when setting up your new business. A holding page gives your company a professional appearance and indicates to visitors that you’re serious about your business. You don’t want potential clients searching for you on the web and arriving at a domain name register page or arriving at the dreaded “Page Not Found” result.

A holding page is ideal for new businesses starting out that need a web presence whilst they are setting up or deciding what they actually want on their website or weather they need a website (think you don’t need a website, then read this article).

Also, having a holding page in place means search engines can begin to index content from your site which, can make a difference to your search results when your full website goes live. It also means you can also have a functional web address and business email in place that will allow you to market your business more effectively.

For £75, we will:

  • Design you a holding page
  • Host that holding page for one year
  • Provide you with a corresponding business email address (i.e.

Your holding page design can include:

  • A logo or a relevant image
  • A description of what your company does (400 words)
  • All of your contact details
  • Links to your organisation’s social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • A link to email you directly
Money Back

If you decide to have a website built by us and it goes live within 6 months of the holding page being published, we will give you 50% off the holding page fee back or if, after one year, you’re still not ready to have a website, just £50 will keep your holding page online for another year.