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We absolutely love the new website for our charity and are very grateful to Alex at CRE8 Website Design for offering her support of a fab new website.

Michelle at Chelseas Angels

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Website Copywriting Norwich and North Norfolk

Does your website copy really matter?

You have only a few seconds to grab the attention of someone who visits your website.

Then you need to hold their attention so they stick around long enough to do something, whether that’s giving you a call, placing an order, or simply making a note that you have what they need.

The design, navigation and images on your website play a huge part in promoting the right image of your business, but it’s the words that tie everything together. If the copy on your site doesn’t perform well, your product or service isn’t going to sell.

And if your content isn’t search engine friendly, your ideal customers may never find your site in the first place.

Search Engine and Human Friendly

It used to be that website content was rendered search engine friendly by the repetition of key words and phrases which made the content unpleasant (for a human) to read. Thankfully, although some examples can still be found online, Google now actively discourages this practice.

A successful website does of course contain your key words and phrases, but they should be woven naturally into clear and compelling copy your target audience will enjoy reading. With a clear message and call to action on each page, your website content will lead your visitor along the path you’d like them to take – converting them from visitors to customers.

Content and Design as One

Our copywriter will work closely with our website designer to ensure the words for your site work well within your chosen theme, and have the right impact visually as well as aurally. The words on your site are an important and integral part of the overall design and play a key role in meeting your business objectives.

Flexibility to suit your time, your budget and how much you enjoy writing for yourself

We offer a range of copywriting services, which can be tailored to your own needs. Our most popular copywriting packages are outlined below. We can also write your blog posts for you.

Website Copywriting Norwich and North Norfolk can make your website stand out from the crowd and increase your Google ranking.

Website Copywriting Packages

Please note: We don’t charge for copywriting the contact page hence the charges below are based on writing content for the main pages. We also offer a blog post copywriting service.

4 Page Website£150

Contact Us
  • 3 Pages Of Copywriting
  • ONLY £50 per page
  • 500 words per web page

8 Page Website£315

Contact Us
  • 7 Pages Of Copywriting
  • ONLY £45 per page
  • 500 words per web page

12 Page Website£440

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  • 11 Pages Of Copywriting
  • ONLY £40 per page
  • 500 words per web page

16 Page Website£525

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  • 15 Pages Of Copywriting
  • ONLY £35 per page
  • 500 words per web page